As the world becomes increasingly focused on speed and consumption, more and more individuals are losing control of their financial lives. Some are forced to take out loans and credits only to survive from one month to another while others get bad deals from lenders and end up having to manage extremely expensive debt. In most of these cases, those who have financial difficulties lack the information required to make decisions that are advantageous to them and often end up agreeing to deals that cost more than what they expect.

We, at Squall Finance believe that everyone should have access to the information needed to have a healthy financial life. As a result, our writers are working round-the-clock in order to create informative articles that explain core financial concepts such as compound interest, debt consolidation, lines of credit, equity loans, and variable interest rates. These are designed to help individuals better understand the terms and conditions offered by banks and other lenders. At the same time, we offer guides that are easy to follow and explain what habits one needs to have in order to avoid expensive debt while still using the services offered by most banks. In our world, information is power and we offer all the information that one may ever need in order to have a financially care-free life.