Immigration Solicitors Can Help You Reach Your Dream Destination

There are many aspirants all over the world who want to relocate to the United Kingdom. With the strict immigration laws in place, there can never be the right time to become a UK citizen. This is when immigration lawyers can come to our rescue and help you become a permanent UK resident.

Getting your hands on UK resident card makes it possible to live and work in the country for the rest of your lives. While you have applied for the resident card, you should not stay outside the country for a long term or indulge in any kind of illegal activity.

You are eligible to get your hands on UK permanent resident card if:

  • You have been previously living in the United Kingdom with a European Economic Area (EEA) family member for more than 5 years at a stretch.
  • The said family member possesses the permanent resident card or falls in the category of qualified person.

Here a qualified person is believed to be the one who lives in the UK and:

  • Is self-employed
  • Is looking for work
  • Is working
  • Is studying
  • Is self-sufficient

You can even apply for the permanent resident card if you have lived in the country for 5 years at a stretch as:

  • An EEA national family member first and then with right of resident
  • EEA national extended family member and you also possess your own valid EEA family permit
  • A British Citizen family member, only if you have entered the country under “Surinder Singh” route

There are various well-qualified and knowledgeable immigration attorneys who possess the ability to determine how you shall proceed with the immigration process. Also, you can easily choose one at Solicitors Guru basing on your requirements and your budget.

How does selecting a good attorney helps?

Now you must be thinking what difference will it make if you choose lawyer A over lawyer B. However, you must understand that an immigration lawyer must be chosen carefully as you need one who is well versed with the latest updates and know the country’s laws inside out. Some of the benefits of hiring a lawyer include:

He Helps with Documentation

The path of immigration is very complex. You need to deal with a lot of paperwork, legal documents, legal details and much more. Moreover, if you wish to live in the UK after obtaining permanent residency card, it is important you are well-acquainted with the laws and order of the country. An attorney will help you with everything.

He Explain Your Options in a Better Manner

A good immigration consultant can help you know your available options. A majority of people lack knowledge about these options and a knowledgeable lawyer will help in explaining things in a better manner.

What’s more, you can even know more about your no win no fee compensation claim opportunity, in case things don’t work out in your favor. So if you are trying to move out of your home country into the UK, hire an attorney who will help you understand your options in a better manner.

Intellectual Property Legal Practice: Employee Relations

In all countries during the period of the employment contract conditions may impose the obligation to preserve confidential secrets of the employer. After the termination of the employment contract situation becomes more complicated. In Italy, as in many other Member States of the European Union, the former employees may be offered to sign an agreement on no competition to prevent the use or disclosure of trade secrets of the former employer.

In Sweden, damages for disclosure confidentiality agreement may be collected only in exceptional circumstances. A disgruntled former employee who had access to sensitive information (for example, research data), can cause very serious damage to the company. On the other hand, the threat of such harm is pushing former employer to greatly restrict the rights of the employee’s spheres of involvement in the same field. A reasonable balance in this regard in each of the EU Member States is applied in their own way.

In Germany, after the termination of the employment contract the employee shall have the discretion to use the acquired knowledge and skills. But drug use can be considered, especially misuse, of the information that he deliberately remembered for after work in the company. And in the UK applied different approaches to information and the usual high level of confidentiality. The first kind of sensitive information a former employee can easily use and distribute. UK in general has more complicated intellectual property rules, much is solved at particular company level. Thus, businesses prefer to have their own department to service the legal needs: even educational institutions like Manchester University establish separate branches. In this particular case, UMIP branch was formed, focused exclusively on intellectual property management.

A warrant for the search of information.

Taking into account the ease of copying information by electronic means, it becomes clear the the owner faces a challenge of keeping trade secrets and proving illegal receipt of information by a third party, as well as the type and scope of misuse. No evidence-based judicial protection of rights is possible. One way to obtain evidence of a warrant is to inspect the premises and computers to detect the necessary information (search order). In a number of countries obtaining a warrant, as a general rule, is not possible (for example, in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania). In other countries, giving the right to petition for the issuance of this order, there is no case law supporting the possibility of submitting such an application owning the secret of production (for example, in the Czech Republic and Luxembourg). Cypriot courts have issued similar orders, but with great reluctance.

In some countries (Hungary, Denmark, Greece, Malta and Estonia) evidence obtained by the police and prosecutors during raids on the premises as part of criminal proceedings, they can then be used in civil cases. Issuance of search warrant for evidence in civil proceedings is permitted in the United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Finland (in the UK and Ireland, it is known as the Anton Piller order).

Visiting A Head Injury Solicitor: What To Expect

If you arrived at a decision to submit an injury compensation claim and made your mind to hire a no win no fee solicitor, you should be ready for close cooperation to increase the chances to win. During your first visit appointment with a solicitor you should be ready to answer the questions on the accident: a legal expert will highly likely ask to describe the circumstances of the accident, indicate the exact time and place and etc. You will also need to present the experts’ conclusions by the doctors examined you after the accident, the documents on the treatment received is also a huge advantage. For further information see the guides on the matter of no win no fee approach.

Even though providing as much details as possible is highly appreciated when submitting brain injury claims, don’t worry if you cannot recollected particular episodes of the event – a temporary memory loss is a common thing when a person suffers a head injury. Being honest with a solicitor is different – there is no point in inventing fake circumstances or give false testimony, since it may have a negative impact on the case, and if everything some facts you like to be concealed will be revealed, you will not only put your reputation in jeopardy, but also be fined and cover all the legal expenses (which is typically a huge amount of money).

The tricky cases of making a diagnosis

Doubtlessly, diagnosing a broken arm is a relatively easy job, while the state of affairs in brain injury cases is totally different – the initial diagnostics is oftentimes characterised by very surface results. Therefore, as time passes your concentration, social adaptation or memory may have deviations; and an experienced solicitor is aware of the fact a pause may be necessary when submitting brain injury claims.

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No Win No Fee In A Nutshell

A couple of years ago filing a claim for the personal injury, suffered as a result of negligence or through the fault of a 3rd party was an extremely expensive and risky affair. However, with an introduction of No Win No Fee agreement in legislature, things got way simpler. The main advantage of this agreement lies in its free of charge nature (though some legal firms still subject their customers to surcharges), which naturally made legal services in the niche widely accessible.

A no win no fee system, also referred to as Conditional Fee Agreement, is based on the idea that the legal establishment takes up all the consumer risks (including financial ones). With ‘no win no fee’ a customer will not have to worry much about the possible outcomes, as ideally the service is subjected to a ‘success fee’ only. Therefore, if an agency takes up your case and the assistance results in a success, the lawyer can deduct up to 25% from the compensation amount as a reward for the services

In accordance with current legislation, if an individual suffers an accident not through the fault of his/her own, a claim for compensation under the ‘no win no fee’ agreement can be submitted within no longer than 3 years since the date of accident. The lawyer reviews a case and makes an assessment of chances to win. If the lawyer determines that the odds are pretty good, be sure that you will be offered to sign a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, just make sure you are not going to be surcharged any extras.

All the successful accident claims imply receiving compensation from an insurance company, up to 25% from which is transferred. However, if your case results in a failure you are not likely to cover any legal expenses.