5 technology advancement in the construction industry that can convert plan vs. performance

Most of the time only the construction expert can understand the reality that what is planned on paper cannot be transformed to work in the field. However, in the recent years, the advancement in technology is helping the engineers and architects to convert the plan to completion of work. The building information modeling is one such advancement that is a boon to the professionals in the construction industry.

You must know the five different emerging concepts that allow the construction industry to perform as per the plan.

1. BIM – 3D Modeling

BIM consulting creates and manages the digital 3D information models for all the construction projects. The BIM model integrates data such as a database into cloud storage. The date can be created when the design is complete. The size of the wall is determined by the designer. The costs can be calculated by the engineer at the same time to plan expenses according to an aspect.

It allows you to do the job simultaneously. Even if a change occurs, it can be updated by the other person involved in the project. It will enable people to communicate efficiently at every stage of design and construction. BIM is affordable because it does not require the physical presence of humans. Everyone can access the file from their respective location. The design process is accelerated, and it is possible to work on multiple projects at the same time.

2. Drones

Drones are operated on remotes, and they do not need any pilot to drive it physically. They are called as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). For example, the UAV reduces the response time from weeks to 48 hours. The change in the TAT is unbeatable and saves a lot of time. The UAV avoids the problematic topography as a whole and allows the surveyor to collect all the required data without the use of personnel. The amount of information collected is much higher than the data collected by traditional pollsters. Thus, drones speed up the survey process and help in quick completion of projects.

3. Robotic Total Stations

As the name implies, remote operation is possible with the Robotic Total Station. It is the best technology used in the recent years. It is implemented on the site, and the advantages it offers are precise minimal rework and limited mistakes. It efficiently does the quality check and saves times to execute things on time as per the plan agreed on papers.

4. 3D Printing

Assembled building equipment is becoming a usual thing in the building projects. It helps to minimize the construction time and allows most of the work to be completed in the factory instead of visiting the site. 3D printing is producing most of the assembled equipment, and thus the custom pieces are created at a lesser cost. Also, the 3D printing on the site promises a flexible and an automated way in constructing the structural elements. This, in turn, will reduce the human error and takes the performance closer to the plan.

5. Construction Document Management and Mobile Devices

Many software applications like BIM 360 docs help the 3D models, drone, or the Robotic Stations to perform more efficiently. As these apps are becoming popular and using them from the mobile devices will further reduce the time and proves to be useful to improve the design performance ninety percent close to the plan.


What to look for in Data Cable installation services?

Good building services mean a lot to the owners. It is also a fact that they never get the builders into worries at all. There are number factors which are associated with these services. Communication and outreach are one of the means that allow everyone to stay connected. Such services are embedded into the building which makes sure that this communication is never hindered. It all up to the building service provider to make sure that future is also kept into perception to get the ultimate building structure. There are a number of factors which are to be considered when it comes to integration of fast data transfer techniques into a building. Some of the factors are as follows:

How much cable is used?

It is the first point where the overall reliability of cabling services is unfolded. It shows that how competent a company is. There are a number of ways to install data cable and the best one is to find the shortest way. It is a matter of common sense as the signal loss occurs when cables are installed through larger routes. Usage of the cable is, therefore, one of the factors which should be considered and must be looked for in every company.  If the cable is used in large amount then it also means that resources and money are being wasted by the company hired.

Consider the ever-changing world

It is also one of the most important things which are considered. Data cabling services hired must make sure that the latest technologies and advancements should be integrated with cabling. It is very important as it makes sure that the overall requirements of the client are also fulfilled.  For instance, such service should advise the users about the security changes that are to be integrated. From overall design to IP system installation these firms should make sure that the latest advancements are integrated. It will also keep the installation up to date for ages to come.

Efficiency in work

It is a factor which every owner wants. However it does not mean that the work is to be spoiled while the delivery is being made. It is very important to ask the contractors that how much time is required for performing the complete installation. If the most experienced and work the savvy company is hired then it is not a problem at all. However, if a novice company is hired then it might get the client into issues. Quality cabling and product installation should be the top priority of owners as well as the company hired.

Vision of the company

This must also be asked in order to make sure that how work is conducted in a super manner. Each and every cable solution provider makes sure that he gets the best ranking and there are certain parameters for it. The company hired should be gauged on those parameters. The vision of the company should be shared with the owners and they must be taken onboard for very installation that is being done. It will save the effort of the owners as they don’t need to point every time the installation is done.