Gambling in Germany – Service & Quality

According to APNET Casino, a prominent Swedish gambling reviewer, service level is the most important method of attracting and retaining customers; its value for the casino is simply impossible to overestimate, because, unlike the games or equipment, it cannot be copied. Service is the main way to be remembered when selecting the gambling establishment from a large number of options. Service is something that makes the institution and individual.

Local casinos put much emphasis on communication of staff with the guests, from the moment of greeting to farewell words. However, it does not end even when the guest is already behind the doors of the institution. Staff must be able to correctly define what does a guest is anticipate from a visit. Ethnic preferences are also taken into account – Eastern visitors prefer to come to the casino with families, therefore, staff member put maximum effort to guarantee the most comfortable family vacation. It should be noted that from 20% to 45% of visitors of German casinos are not the original inhabitants, so the staff needs to have the skills that help determine the nationality, the level and source of income of a visitor (basing on these facts particular games can be offered). The habits in the game, as well as preferred rates, game style and drinks should also be remembered.

Ensuring unmatched experience

Also the staff should be aware that responding to the winnings and losses may be necessary basing on the reaction. A skilled worker should be happy for the successes or sympathize in case of a failure genuinely. Staff should be able to determine the experience of a player as soon as he enters the casino, and carry out a set of actions relating specifically to new players and provide comprehensive assistance. The important point is a farewell part – the employee must wonder whether the guest liked the way he spent the evening. It is important to remember that a satisfied visitor is a source of income casino: 60% of new visitors to come to an institution, guided by positive feedback from friends. Thus, every visitor is a potential advertising institution. In Germany, rewards are granted to those visitors who bring new players with them.

According to statistics, among the visitors of the German gambling houses the highest percentage (75%) are the people who come there not for the first time, while 15% are new to casino experience.

There are certain reasons why the percentage of newcomers in the global visiting stats is so small. Firstly, it is found that only 15% of the German population in general has expressed a desire to play games of chance at a casino. Active players account for only 2% of the population, while the tendency claims that the amount of actively engaged in various forms of gambling players is growing slowly, but steadily. In addition, business owners admit that the conversion of newcomers to adherents of casino entertainment is getting extremely tough to achieve.