Building A Stunning Street Lighting Concept

When thinking over the functionality of an outdoor lighting system, the aesthetic component should still be the key aspect to pay attention to. First and the foremost, let’s figure out the main lighting areas: the entry as well as the main path demand more illumination, than other locations; pay attention to the working areas and make sure the garage driveway is also well-illuminated. A ‘well-illuminated’ area doesn’t necessarily mean that the fixtures of identical performance should be used: feel free to experiment with rays directions, lighting levels and shadows.

Street lighting options to choose from

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The Industrial Use Of Flanges

Flange represents a steel element in the form of a ring and serves to secure the interconnected pipe pieces, fittings vessels, apparatuses, components, units as well as control valves, gates and etc. All the types of flanges can be clearly divided into nine types, according to the execution of the sealing surface. Industrial flanges can be neatly divided into categories based on the nominal size, pressure and specific method of fixation, i.e. attachment. Continue reading

Maintaining The Specified Air Parameters In Underground Parking Lots

To maintain microclimatic regime in car parking docs a range of parking ventilation systems can be implemented, e.g.:

  • Artificial and natural extract of fresh air
  • Artificial and natural inflow hoods
  • Mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation

A completely natural ventilation complex is rarely installed in car underground car lots, because such systems largely dependent on weather conditions, plus they demonstrative poor performance during peak hours, when air exchange is demanded most.

A mixed ventilation (natural and mechanical ventilation) type is commonly used on semi-open parking lots, while a completely mechanical system is mounted in covered parking facilities.

The presence of CO (or carbon monoxide) components in the air may be dangerous for the health and even lives of people. Carbon monoxide is released during the process of burning, but in the cities and parking lots in particular, the main sources of hazardous gas generation is represented by automotive internal combustion engines. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because a human cannot sense of smell it, naturally taking no take steps to leave the danger zone. CO entering the lungs rapidly enters the blood and gets in contact with the hemoglobin, whereby the oxygen transfer is blocked at the cellular level, causing asphyxiation.

The ventilation management is oftentimes automated to optimse the performance of the mechanisms. Keeping the car park ventilation system enabled permanently, even with a small number of cars parked, is a waste of money. A decent ventilation system is packed with automatic sensors and controllers, so the system can turn on the necessary component separately at any time, for example, based on the analysis of air on CO presence.

The Benefits Of GRC-based Cladding Panels

Glass reinforced cladding panels are used mainly for architectural purposes and provide a spectacular opportunity for the expression of individuality in design, which no material can offer. A rare combination of features and capabilities of glass reinforced concrete allows:

  • Creating non-standard products customized for non-standard buildings
  • Creating modular elements for serial unified construction
  • Using GRC as a facing material in new facade panels mounted directly on top of the old building’s facade

Technically, this can be implemented with respect to any individual case on the basis of at least three of the following solutions:

  • Utilising panels in the form of thin GRC shells with stiffeners
  • Utilising GRC thin shells, mechanically fastened to steel mounting frames which are then attached to the frame of the building (e.g. ventilated facades)
  • Utilising GRC shells that act as permanent formwork

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Complex Test Rigs Systems: The Principles Of Work

To shorten the time needed for adjustment and launching the automated systems integrated the complex test rigs are created or purchased. These rigs are designed for specific systems and allow overcoming dozens of significant issues that arise during commissioning and start-up, plus it enables the personnel to eliminate inaccuracies in project planning. Continue reading

Visiting A Head Injury Solicitor: What To Expect

If you arrived at a decision to submit an injury compensation claim and made your mind to hire a no win no fee solicitor, you should be ready for close cooperation to increase the chances to win. During your first visit appointment with a solicitor you should be ready to answer the questions on the accident: a legal expert will highly likely ask to describe the circumstances of the accident, indicate the exact time and place and etc. You will also need to present the experts’ conclusions by the doctors examined you after the accident, the documents on the treatment received is also a huge advantage. For further information see the guides on the matter of no win no fee approach. Continue reading

No Win No Fee In A Nutshell

A couple of years ago filing a claim for the personal injury, suffered as a result of negligence or through the fault of a 3rd party was an extremely expensive and risky affair. However, with an introduction of No Win No Fee agreement in legislature, things got way simpler. The main advantage of this agreement lies in its free of charge nature (though some legal firms still subject their customers to surcharges), which naturally made legal services in the niche widely accessible. Continue reading

How To Write A Business Essay: A Few Tips To Make Use Of

Before you start writing a business essay, do your best to study the subject under different angles and think carefully about the future composition of the document. Collect any information that can generate an early stage discussion before you write the first letter.

One of the primary objectives lies in analyzing the problem dedicated to your work: explore the ground of your essay carefully. Clear understanding of the topic is absolutely crucial, so once you are aware of the core problems and issues that determine the topicality, proceed to info gathering. Study the material available on topic and pick up the relevant facts to specify in writing the work. Continue reading

Elland Road Must-Feel Atmosphere

Despite the fact the once glorious British Leeds is facing tough times, the fans keep their oath to the club. Leeds is still one of the most popular football teams of Great Britain, and its home and away matches are accompanied by truly unique atmosphere.

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Why Do Metallurgy Companies Nourish Interest In Scrap?

A permanent high demand in scrap is explained by the peculiarities of steelmaking technology. The production of steel in open-hearth furnaces, basic oxygen or electric furnaces requires blending scrap with cast iron; and the higher the steel grade, the greater amount of scrap is required.

The collection and processing of ferrous metals naturally became a separate branch of steel industry, and the high scrap metal prices are explained not only by the increase in steel, but also by the depletion of conventional ferrous scrap sources.

The utilisation of scrap metal is a complicated process, as ferrous scrap production attracts attention of not only large corporations, finding themselves on top buyer positions, but also of small businesses. Therefore, when a scrap metal dealer purchases scrap metal from small enterprises, it leads to an increase of the share of low metal category in the total weight of recyclables. In turn, the load on the press equipment leads to their accelerated wear and excessive energy consumption. In addition, the rising prices for fuel and lubricants increase the cost of delivery, which results in more significant expenses. Purchasing ferrous scrap from industrial enterprises is not always characterised by high level involvement by owners in the implementation of rhythmic deliveries.

Despite all the difficulties and current market stagnation in various regions, scrap metal industry will keep on functioning as long as metallurgical industry will exist. The collection and processing of scrap is an obligatory link in the technological chain of steel production. Another strong argument in support of such an optimistic focus is still a way more competitive price of scrap metal in comparison with raw natural resources.