Complex Test Rigs Systems: The Principles Of Work

To shorten the time needed for adjustment and launching the automated systems integrated the complex test rigs are created or purchased. These rigs are designed for specific systems and allow overcoming dozens of significant issues that arise during commissioning and start-up, plus it enables the personnel to eliminate inaccuracies in project planning.

Troubleshooting the errors, associated with the complexity of conjugation with the technical means of computer control and management of the facility, requires considerable time and effort. Therefore, the device system is subjected to close to real and extreme conditions on the test rigs. The tests imply verifying the correctness of computer interaction with the sensors, actuators and devices displaying various parameters; input, processing and output of information; algorithms and programs.

In the test program on the rig a lot of attention is attached to checking the immunity of signaling channels. The effect of interference is investigated, and the areas of reliable operation of the system in terms of noise in the coefficients and their suppression in the signal path are monitored. Basing on the effectiveness of the shielding lines, the best combination of ground screens and chains of transmission channels is chosen.

Comprehensive technology rig eliminates any interference due to the presence of electric and magnetic noise in the room where the computer is established. Furthermore, crosstalk can also be identified.

The process described, especially in aerospace manufacturing or aero tooling, typically includes a full range of computers, information sources (sensors, control panels, etc.), control receivers and display devices. The test equipment can also be complemented with devices generating additional signal interference.