Elland Road Must-Feel Atmosphere

Despite the fact the once glorious British Leeds is facing tough times, the fans keep their oath to the club. Leeds is still one of the most popular football teams of Great Britain, and its home and away matches are accompanied by truly unique atmosphere.

The history of Leeds remembers two outstanding period, the last one with more than a serious confidence remembers significant portion of our readers. Definitely, the junction of the 90 and 2000s was not as successful as Don Revie era in 1960 -70s, though during this period, Leeds really lit up at TV screens demonstrating decent results not only in the Premier League, but in the Champions League as well. In particular, Leeds even managed to reach the semifinals of the main European Cup tournament, after which, however, the club collided with a severe financial crisis.

Unfortunately for the vast legion of fans, the Whites, rivaling in Championship, still didn’t make it through. Nevertheless, our conversation is not about sports results, but about devoted fans, supporting the club in glorious days and troublous times. The fact should be underlined the phenomenon is worthy of attention, as it seems Leeds could play in any division, but the status of one of the most supported teams in Britain will hardly be dissolved. Therefore, when planning your trip to the city, consider Leeds hotels options located in vicinity of the stadium to visit the home game. The fact should be underlined that there are dozens of hotels in Leeds to book: from budget variants to luxurious royal apartments.

The legendary Elland Road arena, acquired in 2004 to 3rd party investors with the right of redemption, can host up to 40,000 spectators. Being a high-ranked stadium, it remains a Mecca for the fans for almost a century.