How can an Industrial Degreaser Help You

How can an Industrial Degreaser Help You

The responsibility of industrial cleaning involved a wide spectrum of applications spreading across every industry imaginable. Many industrial products, equipments and parts are covered with grime and grease which need to be cleaned to make them fit for use.

You cannot clean them by using just water and a simple detergent- you need something strong and effective. That’s exactly where an industrial degreaser from proves it worth!

Forms of Industrial Degreaser

Different forms of degreasers are available and are generally solvent based or water based. They can effectively remove both organic (grease, petroleum and other living organism derived matter) and inorganic (debris formed by non-living matter) soil that covers the item.

Most of the metal degreasers from standardindustrial are capable of dealing with mixed soil- that means they can remove both organic and inorganic debris. The Geiss industrial solvents are highly pure and organic offering consistent cleaning each and every time.

The Contributions of Industrial Degreasers

Geiss industrial solvents form an integral part of industrial cleaning tasks and ensure the health of crucial equipments while ensuring a safe workplace for your employees. Used in combination with industrial cleaning systems like Firbimatic range of spas produce speckles results and maintains your critical infrastructure.

It also helps your business in the following ways-

Improved Cleaning

Geiss solvents are developed from special formulas developed by experts after years of research and experiments. They are guaranteed to give you the best cleaning removing all dirt, grease and grime.

The industrial solvents are highly stable and provide extended efficiency to clean all particles in the harshest cleaning conditions.

Recognized by Leading Institutions

You know you are using a world class professional degreaser when it is backed by numerous accreditations including leading aerospace approvals.

Geiss solvents follow strict quality standards under DIN 53978 and offer only high grade solutions. Our products are used by numerous enterprises located in Europe and Germany.

You can use Geiss products without any hint of apprehension.


Less Impact on the Environment

The solvents use materials which are not hazardous to the environment. The formulas use non-chlorinated solvents like modified alcohols and AIII hydrocarbons and perchloroethylene.

The metal degreasers are safe for use as they are non-toxic. Geiss also holds a long term sustainability approach by going for recycling in solvent manufacturing.

The industrial solvents are not harmful for your employees and result in better waste water quality and eco-friendliness.

Quick Results

The Geiss industrial solvents clean your parts, equipments and spares thoroughly in a short time. They quickly break down the grime and grease and rinse away the contaminants from the surface of the item being cleaned.

You can spray the solvents or use mechanical washing techniques depending on your purpose and application. The solvents can also be used with any Standard Industrial Cleaning System to get the best results.

Save Time and Energy

Industrial cleaning and wash bays cannot do without industrial degreaser. You need it for improved maintenance, prevention of malfunctions caused by debris and regular industrial cleaning.

Make sure you only purchase the highest quality metal degreaser for optimum outcome.