No Win No Fee In A Nutshell

A couple of years ago filing a claim for the personal injury, suffered as a result of negligence or through the fault of a 3rd party was an extremely expensive and risky affair. However, with an introduction of No Win No Fee agreement in legislature, things got way simpler. The main advantage of this agreement lies in its free of charge nature (though some legal firms still subject their customers to surcharges), which naturally made legal services in the niche widely accessible.

A no win no fee system, also referred to as Conditional Fee Agreement, is based on the idea that the legal establishment takes up all the consumer risks (including financial ones). With ‘no win no fee’ a customer will not have to worry much about the possible outcomes, as ideally the service is subjected to a ‘success fee’ only. Therefore, if an agency takes up your case and the assistance results in a success, the lawyer can deduct up to 25% from the compensation amount as a reward for the services

In accordance with current legislation, if an individual suffers an accident not through the fault of his/her own, a claim for compensation under the ‘no win no fee’ agreement can be submitted within no longer than 3 years since the date of accident. The lawyer reviews a case and makes an assessment of chances to win. If the lawyer determines that the odds are pretty good, be sure that you will be offered to sign a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, just make sure you are not going to be surcharged any extras.

All the successful accident claims imply receiving compensation from an insurance company, up to 25% from which is transferred. However, if your case results in a failure you are not likely to cover any legal expenses.