Polyurea Waterproofing – Versatility Close To Perfection

Polyurea is an extremely strong and durable coating which can be applied to virtually any substrate. Externally polyurea represents a synergy of plastic and rubber. The material boasts unsurpassed high chemical resistance to oil, mild acids and alkalis as well as unprecedentedly high rates of abrasion.

Polyurea is applied to the surfaces through spraying; it can be toned in any color, even metallic. In addition, virtually any polyurea type can easily handle ultraviolet radiation, meaning that its physical and chemical properties do not change under prolonged exposure to UV. However, not every polyurea retains color when exposed to UV radiation. Coloring also resists UV radiation effectively, it doesn’t turn yellow under ultraviolet light.

An excellent adhesion to an overwhelming majority of materials and coatings allows taking advantage of polyurea at any even very old coatings and surfaces. Moreover, urea can be applied to most plastics, including polystyrene (it should be noted that polystyrene foams may be covered only compounds that do not contain any solvents or even in miniscule amounts).

All of the above makes polyurea very popular in the sector of protective and decorative coatings. Very high price is more than compensated by extremely long service life – this is where an investment pays for itself to the full extent. The wear resistance of the coating is so high that it is almost impossible to erase. The revolutionary properties of the neoteric material are confirmed by an increased interest from consumers. Thus, Britannia Paints Company reports its Polyshield (polyurea-based product designed for roof coating and roof waterproofing) is the company’s bestselling product in 2014.

Since urea is applied by spraying, the economic benefit on surfaces with curved shapes (figures, sculptures, monuments, pools, fences, etc.) is quite obvious. While finishing of flat surfaces can be conducted with a wide choice of cheap and at the same time durable materials (various metal and plastic panels), the surfaces with complex geometries require very hard work, more waste and special materials, which significantly affects the price per square meter of finished surface.

Coating application peculiarities

To ensure high-quality coating, special attention should be paid to leveling the surface, which is planned to be covered with polyurea. Attention should be paid to the competence of staff and the quality of the equipment used. Polyurea is typical for the same comfort and ease of application to the surface of the wood, concrete, metal, bricks and other building materials. Even at high humidity and extreme temperatures coating is possible without cracking or blistering, offering smooth and elastic shape. Lifetime warranty typically varies in the range of 50-70 years.

The desired layer thickness (0.5-2.5 mm) can be applied in one turn, which distinguishes from many alternative polymer coatings, which are applied in thin layers over a few times, for each layer performing the intermediate drying. In view of this characteristics and rapid curing performance is greatly increased by several times – there is almost no downtime during the operation.