Simple but effective rules to protect business from hackers

Last year’s head count of small business owners in the USA showed that annually companies lose more than 9 thousand dollars because of the attacks of hackers. Mostly this is theft of information and breaking of accounts and “disappearance” of money during transfer, but among this there are many other nuances leading to financial losses.

To be protected from hackers is not so difficult if strictly follow some simple rules.

Select personnel right

Statistically, the personnel of entity is guilty almost in half of all successful attacks of hackers. At the same time many employees don’t conceive that their negligent and the irresponsible behavior can lead to problems of the company. To dangerous actions can be added surfing, visiting the various websites by moving on then through unchecked links. In other words, any use of the computer for personal reasons can be the “straight road” for cyber-attacks. In order this not to happen it is important to:

  • hire a person who will be responsible for the safety of network
  • limit access from the working computer to popular Internet resources

Follow the news

In our century of new technologies and innovations everything changes very quickly. For example, the anti-virus software which was effective a year ago can become useless now. Owners of business always need to follow on news and events in the world, especially those which concern new technologies. It can’t be excluded that news of an innovation will force to review company security system and thanks to it to avoid many dangerous moments. Blogs and articles about business, new tricks of cyber-criminals will be the most useful among with the fresh facts how to protect the Network best of all.

Ethical hacker hiring

Best of all about safety knows the person who is able to hack your system. The employee with skills of hacker will be able to ensure the safety of the company perfectly as he knows about almost all possible threats. The ethical hacker will find all weak points in the security of Network and liquidate them. Labor costs of the ethical hacker work – not the luxury, but the reasonable decision for those who want to see their business prospered.

Find a good VPN service

Recently many companies are using VPN to cipher own data, to exclude the possibility of information tracking and to deceive hackers. If your company is big, then establish the router. Thanks to it all employees will have a well-protected Internet connection. The VPN use in many times reduces the number of successful hackings. For those who don’t want to risk their personal data and decided to find such service, it can be done via websites like Anta NET that provides information on best VPN services and where you can select the necessary one and install it without any problems. A large scale of services allows each user to choose the appropriate option.

Use the best antivirus software

Antivirus programs are capable of protecting the computer and its data from many viruses and attempts of breaking. But it is very important that the program was constantly updated as each its updating is an answer to new inventions of hackers. It is important that on each computer in the company was antivirus with the latest update. This is vital even for that PC which doesn’t connect to the Internet. It is worth to especially carefully protect the computer on which important information is stored and from where money transfers are made.

Choose the strong passwords

You shouldn’t install on the working personal computer the password as “123456”, date of the birth, own name and so on. Not only complexity of the password, but also its uniqueness is important – on each computer the password must be fully unique.

As practice shows, observance of such elementary safety rules reduces the probability of hacking in several times.