Visiting A Head Injury Solicitor: What To Expect

If you arrived at a decision to submit an injury compensation claim and made your mind to hire a no win no fee solicitor, you should be ready for close cooperation to increase the chances to win. During your first visit appointment with a solicitor you should be ready to answer the questions on the accident: a legal expert will highly likely ask to describe the circumstances of the accident, indicate the exact time and place and etc. You will also need to present the experts’ conclusions by the doctors examined you after the accident, the documents on the treatment received is also a huge advantage. For further information see the guides on the matter of no win no fee approach.

Even though providing as much details as possible is highly appreciated when submitting brain injury claims, don’t worry if you cannot recollected particular episodes of the event – a temporary memory loss is a common thing when a person suffers a head injury. Being honest with a solicitor is different – there is no point in inventing fake circumstances or give false testimony, since it may have a negative impact on the case, and if everything some facts you like to be concealed will be revealed, you will not only put your reputation in jeopardy, but also be fined and cover all the legal expenses (which is typically a huge amount of money).

The tricky cases of making a diagnosis

Doubtlessly, diagnosing a broken arm is a relatively easy job, while the state of affairs in brain injury cases is totally different – the initial diagnostics is oftentimes characterised by very surface results. Therefore, as time passes your concentration, social adaptation or memory may have deviations; and an experienced solicitor is aware of the fact a pause may be necessary when submitting brain injury claims.

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